11/12 Blog Post by Adriana

Although Sunday as a whole was very fun I am going to be talking about the saddest part of the day: The last dinner with my host family.              
     For starters I started this trip constantly worrying about my host family, wondering if they would like me or if they wished that they could switch host children. Meeting my host family for the first time was awkward to say the least but through the days we began to connect more. 
     So when we sat down to eat ramen, our last meal together, I could feel the dense ball of sadness looming overhead. 
    We were all eating in silence when my host mom cleared her throat, pulled out her google translate (it was our best friend) and spoke. “The house will be lonely without you” and suddenly a single tear slid down her face. 
     Now I am a BIG sucker for tears. When someone else cries, it takes ALL my willpower not to break out in tears and in that moment, I didn’t have that willpower because as soon as she started crying, I felt that familiar lump in my throat. As she continued with her speech, I started crying which made my eldest host sister start to cry. I typed into my translate “Stop your making me cry” which made her burst out laughing (I still think it translated wrong) and soon it became quiet and depressing. Suddenly like magic, her phone blew up with videos that I had sent her earlier, that just went through, it was filled with memories of us from the past four days. After we finished watching the videos, My host father pulled out gifts for my family and I (I’m not going to say what it is because my family might be reading this). All in all, I never realized how close I could get to someone in just 4 days and I can’t wait to see them again in the future