11/16 Blog Post by Jordyn

Card Games ! 
Today was a quiet day. I had a day full of school. One thing in particular that stuck it to me was a card game we had played in Japanese class (just putting this out there that I had no idea what was going on. I don't speak fluent Japanese!). Mio (my host sister), Riko (a classmate who sat with Mio and I) and I were sitting in a row of three. We turned our desks so it would be easier to play. We got multicolored cards from the teacher and we started with green. They had hiragana written on them. I didn't know what the words meant but the teacher would call out a sentence and we would have to slap the card that matched that sentence. I didn't do too bad but my host sister obviously let me win. It was fun. We played for about a half an hour and just in that half I got better and faster at reading hiragana!